• girishtiwari 31w

    cRiTicaL tO sCeptIcIsm

    Whats theological, fastens many logical but whats scientifical still remains a disdain proposition restricted to the syllabi.

    As the dArwin’s evolution at present juncture undercurrents in the uproaring din. The minds are blinkered, never goes soo deep but subjectively upholds their conservative belief.

    Never their scientific temper floats on the epistemism of introspection. The cloak of education has largely been a dogma where still prevails the quagmire and sacrosanct superstitions.

    The conversatism has shackled us and procrastinated our belief. The attitudinal bigotry and our unwillingness to show intransient loath to the false believes perpetuated social conundrums and starkest grief.

    The perversion of historical practices for the gain of few has led to the scourage for those at low of hierarchial strata-cause being also appended to sceptics.

    The desire to see the theological and scientifical coalescence still holds our breathe albeit seems a utopian dream.