• danwthluv 6w


    Met you under the frontview
    Of a shitty store
    Asked you out
    On a cup of ramen by the shore
    Covering the lids
    Protecting the heat from the winds
    Grains of sand speckled on
    Our feet like dust
    Just like the blush
    Covering your cheeks
    The deep sea in those eyes
    Wouldn't mind to dive in
    Explore them somehow
    Making you smile
    And you suddenly can't breathe
    Breaking the moment
    Asking you to another date
    Because we were dumb enough
    Forever engrained
    Giving you my umbrella
    And you running away with it
    Drenched with rain
    I couldnt stop laughing
    Heart beating like
    Windchimes through the wind
    Smooth and melodious
    Speeding through the road
    Feeling like rebels
    Didn't quite know it was my heart
    That was rebelling
    Against the surface of your palm
    You asked me if it was alright
    To share an intimate moment
    How could i say no
    For the thing i have
    Waited for so long
    It's crazy to think
    How it's possible
    For two souls to blink
    Together in a tight knot
    We sewn our fates together
    The working of gravity
    Does not fall on our love
    But you surely fell for me
    The providence of earth
    The system of the World
    Doesn't apply on us
    We are merely two creatures
    Made to love