• wasany 9w


    Heart old rock
    Sometimes I wonder why you still with this prick
    how you u so strong u just keep holding on girl Idk why this love so strong it's that wine give me some time
    am a looser Yea I know this that is facts
    but a promise my love is true and and I'll always care for u cause there ain't no end to me and you
    baby I said I'll be around my mind profound
    Why do I treat u like ntn to me even Dow your my ear with out you i cant move
    And baby this dah truth my heart forever attached to you Amma halla baby I'm Ntn with out you
    All these stitches on my body yeah they breaking but I ain't gonna make your love poor out
    baby it wasn't a mistake and there wasn't no dibate when I gave my ♥ to you u