• sphinxlikesushant 49w

    A Simple Wish

    Oh...masters of the sky
    I am a God who waits
    A man who talks
    ambassadress of friendship...

    Oh... lady of passion
    bless me the innocence
    The truth to be taken heed
    by those hopeless hearts...

    Oh... princess of the sea
    This poem is my very first poem
    Bless me from this verse
    To be equally lovely as pearls...

    Oh... Queen of the hobo camp
    give me your sweet smile
    guard my words
    I tried to check my email and got errors...

    Oh.. Princess of the macrocosm
    I love them as much as I love you
    let your tongue be the swords against enemy
    And your wisdom is the food of my psyche...

    Oh... poets of this realm
    Spare me your remarks
    Leave it with all your dearest
    thanks a lot to everybody...