• dethdroogie 23w

    Black Widow

    The thought of you,
    It is the joy of insanity.
    I cannot escape it.
    To escape every smile, frown, or nervous tick is to never know you at all.
    I can only live in it.
    Live in your confidence,
    Always clouded with insecurity.
    Mad at what people try and look for in you.
    To use you.
    Knowing that underneath,
    I know what really haunts you.
    I will never use you.
    It is the very nature of your beauty,
    and I can only survive it.
    From every emotion that I express
    You will never show your cards while I put them all on the table.
    Looking into your eyes and knowing,
    I will only be able to think of you,
    And be driven to madness.