• rinnijain 9w

    What a friend should be (A to Z)

    A- accepts me as I am
    B- believes in me
    C- call me just to "Hi"
    D- doesn't give up on me
    E- embraces the whole me
    F-forgives my mistake
    G- gives unconditionally
    H- helps me
    I- is always there for me
    J- just loves me
    K- keeps me close at heart
    L- loves me for whom I am
    M- makes a difference in my lyf
    N- never judges
    O- offer support
    P- picks me up when I fall
    Q- quiets my fear
    R- raises my spirit
    S- says nice thing about me
    T- tells me the truth always
    U- understands me
    V- value me
    W- watch my habits and voice and makes me laugh
    X- x-ray in what I m good at
    Y- you and me together always
    Z- zip up my sad memories