• shreyashidutta_ 23w


    Time,the mightiest,
    I believe,
    and words,the most powerful.
    Time changed,what about situations!!
    still the same,
    candle light march,campaigns,hash tags,year,what not!
    What about a women's dignity!
    All the damn people are silent today!
    Speak up you society!
    You created barriers,
    you made us to stand on the dock,
    you set norms for us,
    you did wrong to us since time immemorial!
    at least don't sell humanity and stoop so low,you chauvinists!
    a child gets raped and you made it a religion talk,
    spectacular,dear society,
    claps for you inhuman beings!
    Will you talk the same for your own people!
    Got goosebumps hearing that right!
    What about the child,what about her dignity,
    days passed,still our law,
    our dear blind law is silent,tight lipped,
    shame on you,and your thoughts people.
    We women are not objects to play with,
    my dear well cultured patriarchal society,
    I am ashamed to be a part of this bloody hell,which we call society,
    how inhuman you all are,
    at least don't sell your humanity,my dear citizens,
    its a wake up call,for we all,
    please stop it,enough is enough,
    god is watching,at least fear him.
    Stop violence against women,
    Oh,my dear citizens of this country!!!