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    Not sure what's going on here but emotions are damn tidal waves

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    I was so happy - 22:15pm

    I was so happy yesterday//as the lights flickered against your face//and the Technicolor rainbow reflected off of our jackets//the music was loud and i could so easily drown out//the hustle and bustle of life//all year round//it gets dark early now//But I was on top of the world//it was worth it//I never smile that much//you did a double take//as if to say//"I haven't truly seen you happy like this in a while, is this real?"//I promise you we aren't living in a fantasy//I was really that happy//But today I am not.

    I'm struggling to keep my eyes open//and the glitter I loved which sparkled so brightly yesterday//is sticking to my face and reflecting the sadness in my eyes//it hits just right, the tears shine with the memory of yesterday//I am not sure i am okay//I just had this overbearing wave//god knows what is happening//I started to feel nauseous again and i haven't really ate and // I couldn't even drink my fucking wine// it was out of date // I can't deal with emotions this way // it's a tidal wave // I'm too sober to bare this weight. // but I was so happy yesterday.