• fragrance_of_mind 10w

    Grudge of a river

    That day is very near
    when halogen lit streets will decompose
    and concrete chests will ask for mercy
    for the misdeeds done by their cruel race
    for all their laughter and showcase of manhood
    for showing you inferior and helpless;
    that very day I will laugh with all my ripples
    and will bow to you with a humongous tide my brethren
    for your victory and your freedom
    with a clean rich forest with nobody to burn it
    with a clear unpolluted me serving at your feet
    for the welfare of your uncanny newborn fraternity

    That day is not so far
    when civilization of the so called mightier
    will become a fossil to be discovered by another race
    and the inheritance which they so proudly proclaim
    will rot under the sedimented bed of mine
    which I will unforgivingly wash away
    to the remotest trenches of the gigantic ocean
    and will then proudly repent on my slumber;

    When the deserted streets of the elites
    will write a new history of fascination
    of birds chirping at dawn
    of grasshoppers sitting in the prairies unperturbed
    of bees sucking nectars of the heavenly lotus
    of deers and zebras and giraffes and monkeys
    not crying in the cages for others to enjoy
    of the roaring lions with their cubs…oySaumitrar existence
    that dexistentialce to my own burbles
    for that non existential race which for a fraction of second
    thought that they own time and space

    that day is not that far
    when I will be considered pure in terms of reality
    and will be free from carbon and oil
    and ashes and faeces...
    then all of you together can come to my bank
    and quench the thirst
    that you have so long waited for

    And that day
    that very day
    I will cry loudly with happiness
    for giving me an opportunity to serve my pu