• gasics 5w

    The world is a smorgasbord of colors
    Green is the land I walk on
    Yellow the sand slipping through the hourglass
    Red the flowers gracing the meadows
    Blue is the sky bestriding earth

    You are a smorgasbord of my colors
    Green is the springing hope you spend
    Yellow the sunny mirth you bring
    Ardent red your passion and love
    Polarblue the oceans of your eyes

    You are my world's most radiant colors
    Inventing new shades of them
    With every breath you take
    Let me be your gentle artist
    Spreading them over vales and hills
    Cherishing the nature of your colorful soul

    You are the soothing blue when I yearn for coolth
    You are the pure white when I crave for light
    You are the blazing red when I need the fire of your touch

    You are my colors
    You are my world