• amrusha_singh 24w


    Drowned myself in that shimmering black ocean,
    Lost all my beliefs to your heart's devotion.
    The embers of longing conjure my soul,
    The wind whispers echoes of your whole.
    Synchronise your heartbeats with mine,
    Captivate this emblazoned body and stop time.
    This vacant silence shouts at me,
    Take me along and set me free.
    "Prisoners" to life's outstretched lies,
    "Lovers" to passion's raging eyes.
    From gazing to gazers we dream and breathe,
    From moonlight to darkness we suppress screams.
    Fluttering desires do fall afar,
    Dainting hearts but never apart.
    Wrenching blues could distance you and me,
    But warming reds put us together as WE.