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    Love is like a magic Coz you will continue to believe that you are alone among thousands of people without her /him .

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    Are we there yet -Rohan

    Are we there yet
    When I lost in the dark
    You're my brightest star
    I hope that we met again
    In blue river where love flows with life

    Are we there yet
    When I lost my emotions
    Looking in your eyes
    Thousands of dreams come into my mind
    And mind never control heart
    Sometimes I feel I loss my heart
    And never regain it.

    Are we there yet
    When you call me
    Late at night
    Fight with each other
    It was always you and me.

    Oh No! How can I believe that
    She is no more
    But She is all about for me
    How can I forget her smile
    It's difficult
    Coz she is on my mind
    When I sleep she is on my side