• deannarabbcalloway 23w

    A Gift

    I am a gift,
    A gift within itself
    I am a gift
    More valuable than any wealth,
    I am a gift and a curse you see
    For whatever man chooses me
    Gets to grow more rapidly
    Then he did before he gained De Marie
    But some men can be draining of my energy
    They suck it all up, with none left for me!
    Then go bout their way with no dignity
    No thank you's, so selfish,
    just me, me, me
    Your suppose to treasure your gift from above
    Not badger, and drain
    Just feed me love, and be my gift
    I get tired of helping, now I need a lift
    Don't drain me baby, please fill me up
    Because I am a gift
    But what about you?
    Are you my gift?
    Your actions will prove...
    I am not your curse, just mine's alone
    I may have to do this on my own.
    Then I'll be cursed by no man you see
    Because I'll keep all my gifts to me!