• relentless 31w

    17 April 2018 - Once she gifted me love. Now she gifted me solitude. Can I have your permission to die?
    #Remember #FakePromises #Smiling

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    You Remember?

    Those good mornings texts? When you had to argue and command me, ‘Why always I should wish? Tomorrow if I wish only, you will continue to text me. . And I did.
    Those night calls? When I would deny to speak because I am at home? But I did spoke to you the next day I moved out.
    That rudeness? How you changed with your love and care?
    Despite of our religion barriers? How you told me you have the courage to accept our love and speak to your parents?
    I believed you, fallen for you and cared you like a little baby. At times even fought for our love but you reasoned situations. Do you remember?

    You were my everything but you lied so much. Shattering my world I still trusted you? Remember? And all what you did is decide for both of us. Was it so easy for you? Remember you gifted me a slow death. I will suffer with a smile and meanwhile you wouldn’t remember me. . .

    ©Malcolm Mascarenhas