• mirrorsofmind 10w

    i could sense the battle,
    between my visions,
    the past and present,
    the emotions and directions,
    the reality and its phantoms,
    and well, its being consuming me up,
    eating me up,
    bit by bit,
    i could feel my pain and my anger,
    my defense and my helplessness,
    and i swear,
    i am helpless and it hurts too,
    i couldn't cry or scream,
    but my soul still weeps inside,
    may be some time will come,
    when my soul touches peace,
    realizing no matter what,
    i will rise again,
    from where i broke down,
    defeating my demons,
    i will find my peace,

    @halfwit_scribbler @mirakee @shades_and_reflections @writersnetwork

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    //my battle within//