• lucielollypops 9w


    We met at the beginning of the year,
    In English we talked, and we had nothing to fear.
    You made me smile,
    It made me feel like talking to u was worth the while.
    We both caught feels,
    It made me feel as if my heart was on lovely wheels.
    You made me feel like I was always safe with you around,
    Your voice, anything you would say would never bring me down.
    You kept all my demons at bay,
    But then came the sad day.
    The day when it all came to an end,
    I had it coming to me because it is always a frequent trend.
    It took me two months to heal,
    During that time; sadness, pain were the only things I could feel.
    Eventually I learned how to cope,
    Then I finally found hope.
    I bounced in and out of many relationships with other guys,
    But I never felt the same when I looked into their eyes.
    Finally, I got over the pain,
    I started working on myself , as a distraction or gain.
    But I knew that I would never be fully fine,
    I couldn’t just sit alone and whine.
    As time has passed,
    We have begun to talk more, and all I want is for it to last.
    You know me better than most,
    You and I have become very close.
    I have been doing everything I can to make you mine hopefully once again,
    Please give me some sign that I am getting somewhere.