• al_lagusiy 11w


    Like a diamond you shine bright
    With great fervor I adore your uniquity
    Auspiciously with you in my sight
    Troubles of my heart becomes trivial.

    Loving you is unquantifiable
    Numerous than the years of Methuselah
    Weighty than the plate of barbell
    Because your love got my heart hooked.

    I'll love to get the key to your heart
    Lock me up and throw the key away
    If your heart were a prison
    I'd love to serve a jail term there.

    Romeo and Juliet are good examples
    As as far the game of love is concerned
    But I seek to offer you the best model
    Muhammad and Aisha's love I crave for.

    I hope to meet you soon
    To see how your love got me woozy
    Take this from me as a token
    Because wordings cannot explain the feeling.