• narft1011 5w

    I'll Share Your Suffering

    Bringer of death this world can not see the pain you've got to Carrie thee. They think you enjoy this treacherous life taking their loved ones like a thief. Though they do not otter to think more than their willingness to see. The blindness of what they see to hear is no more than stories and myths been told in fear. Most never wonder further than what their eyes see plainly. They don't see the hurt you must take everyday you Carrie these loved ones away. But the day you took me I decided I would not let you stand alone anymore. You wouldn't get the burden of being alone once more. I would share your pain and suffering you take everyday. To let you have someone to lean on when you watch people fade away. Your tears can be cried with mine by your side as we help all the others say goodbye.