• ecstacy_overdose 9w


    Clock strikes exactly 2:05 am
    It's hot, misty and quite foggy
    The light is flickering at a distance

    Its 2:05am
    And the only thing loud is the
    Clittering clattering banging
    Pounding confusion in my mind
    So many thought memories, Damn
    the memories racing, fighting
    To be seen let alone heard
    Its overwhelming
    I like it...
    I love it

    Its 2:05am
    I twist the knob just an inch ti
    the right
    I feel the intensity of the heat rise
    I feel as if fingers are slowly caressing my back
    I can feel my shoulders letting go strumming away the pain and burdens i never cease to bare
    I run my fingers across my bareskin
    Oh how I struggle to love every inch of you

    Its 2:05am
    The water form a convolution aimlessly
    But beautifully on my skin like a meander
    Time wasn't ticking

    Its 2:05am
    Life paused and i could feel everything around me
    Your mind just like the water racing
    Eyes still shut but i could count the drops falling on my back

    Its 2:05am
    You're looking at her
    Bare skin
    She whispers
    Don't stop loving me
    You smile at her softly
    Promised you'll never stop fighting
    Then you realized
    At that very moment
    A covenant was made
    At 2:05am
    A place where time
    Stopped ticking