• jaii_breezy 9w

    Her pregnancy

    She never wanted to leave.
    She wanted to stay,
    but her parents said she had to,
    and took her away.

    The baby lives inside her,
    And grows each day.
    Though she’s a little too young,
    She’ll love the child either way.

    The country she’s in
    is too far away from you.
    But the baby needs a father,
    And she don't know what to do.

    If only he could come here,
    She misses him a lot,
    Her parents won't allow it,
    but who says they’ll get caught?

    She’s 4 months pregnant,
    and already starting to show.
    Even at her new school,
    everyone will know.

    Each day the baby grows bigger,
    and the date is getting near,
    and without you with her,
    who will soothe her biggest fears?

    She didn’t want to leave you ,
    and the goodbyes weren't classy,
    but She really wish you were here,
    And that she could be happy.