• imogenflorence 5w

    When I Met You

    When I met you I was 19,
    With child eyes and a babies heart
    Longing for the safety of your arms
    That would never quite feel safe

    Our first kiss tasted like victory
    I did not know that I had just surrendered
    My white flag of pure loves mercy
    Stained red with your sharp tongue

    I loved you from our first date
    When I drank too much and spilled my soul to your feet.
    Tread on me gently I said.

    I could not grasp that your teeth tore chunks from me
    My spine realigned to your shadow
    Small, it said.
    Be small.
    You are too much for this man.

    When people asked me why I stayed I tell then our love smelt like sunshine.
    Until it didn't.

    And yet, in the after, you grapple for my attention like an alligator.
    Snapping your jaws into a smile.
    Luring me back into your swamp.

    Would you be happy then?

    Would you enjoy your captive that is no longer captivated by you?

    I didn't know.

    I do now.

    Love is supposed to be limitless.