• wild_aish 5w

    We will fall in love a thousand times,
    Come out of it, by ourself, again, a thousand times. Don't know why, but we and love just aren't very good on terms.
    Heart broken? Nah. Scorpio here, not our thing.

    Trust, we do, easily. But deep inside, we have a back up plan. Always. And you may not even know about it.
    That's how, a Scorpio,
    Knows how to trap you in the trap,
    You had set for them.

    Nice? Yeah we are. Ofc we are.
    We won't stab you for no reason.
    If that's what you mean by being nice.
    Feelings?? Bruh. You have touched a raw nerve. Watch out, the next time you meet a
    Scorpio. This is a trigger word.

    Open up more?
    Yeah!! Hell yeah! We must.
    But it's a misconception that we Scorpios
    Don't open up much. We do. We do it a lot.
    The walls in our room, know our secrets more than anybody else!
    Probably, now also gotta start talking to the chairs. Yeah, that's better.

    Always Angry? Nah man. Chill.
    We don't go around yelling and shouting.
    We don't like that either...we are the children of the peaceful nightsky. But sometimes,
    It's the situation that makes us wanna be strict. We might say things, when angry, that might hurt you. But I tell you what?
    Don't believe any of it.
    When everything has passed, and once everything has become better,....
    A scorpio will be the first one to apologise to you.

    Badassy? Runs in our DNA
    We totally go by the saying,
    "underestimate us, that will be fun".
    Never. I repeat, NEVER. Underestimate a Scorpio. And definitely not a scorpio woman.

    Holding grudges? Not our thing.
    We already got a lot of things to hold on to. Responsibilities and Our people whom we love more than anything. Once we label you ours, chances are, we will never let you go.
    We are the most ardent lovers.

    We know how to keep our promises. Our words and our stares are our deadliest weapons.
    Another misconception about us (gosh there are so many! *rolls eyes in Scorpio*) is that we are very possessive. Darling, let me correct you with that. We are very 'protective' and not possessive.

    No where on this planet will you feel as secure as you willl, in a Scorpio's arms. Bet it.
    Your security is our prime concern.
    If you're in a Scorpio's circle, consider yourself blessed. Seldom do we let someone in. After some 10976563+ personality tests.

    Wild? The word originates from us!
    Our very sign is an animal so wild,
    Even the sight of which, could kill you.
    No. We don't bite. Unless you wanna mess with us. And I don't see, why would you wanna take that risk anyway?

    You will know when you see us.
    We are the ones wearing the darkest of tops
    And the tightest of bottoms.
    Ofc with a bold dark lipstick on.

    :) ��
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