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    3) Employees rule book we refer to our rule book which is regular updated and the hard copy or soft copy is made available to employees we refer to page no 6of the said guidelines we find page no 6
    Which indicates that in case of any rule ambiguity the institute will follow the rules
    Of Central Government which clears all the suspious feelings regarding the gratuity payments
    If at all we consider this as ambiguity then we should follow Central Government rules
    Which indicates that gratuity payment effective date is 1/1/2016

    4) The Reserve bank of india in its governing board meetings has passed the resolutions
    For revision of gratuity amount double the moment central government announced
    We request IBPS to kindly ensure the fact
    as supporting argument for their employees

    5)Now coming to very impotant aspects of the gratuity The institute has awarded the gratuity to the three employee's and asking them to return the entire amount as they say that the great mistake has occurred which is misleading

    We feel that some of the points written are misleading and not factual information
    The authority must ensure and study the facts and the said action is not suitable and unwarranted

    The institute made its best efforts to introduce pension schemes but the board and some members has discenting views so we are without pension scheme s all are leading without pension amount life and we don't see any positive steps the intellectual skills of the institute and
    best good relationship of our honourable
    Director and administration may bring positive
    Response and the entire retired staff will be thankful greatful to all including Director and supporting aid

    We request you to consider our request positively and let's feel and lead peaceful March of our retired life
    And our request to you is to withdraw this letter of three employees and maintain status co jaise they wef