• gopikaameera 22w

    It might be a dark night
    With no one at sight
    But friend, do hold on tight
    Even in the darkness, trust the light

    Not all good deeds shine too bright
    in such lonely,sickly nights
    Yet for a while just close your eyes
    And breathe in all the things that went right

    For surely,e'en the most lonely road
    would have the glimpse of a turning fork
    and who knows friend,maybe there out of sight
    God has kept for you a kindred soul, or two
    to walk with you through the night,.

    And maybe,by deciding to give up fight
    and turning back or shutting out light
    you are keeping the ones at the fork
    fumbling for your outstretched hand's shore..

    So what if some birds flew away?
    You are a tree,n birds come in every spring n summer days
    Welcome the visitors n love them all tge same
    And bid farewell,if it must,with a heart so gay

    Knowing that their nests may be built elsewhere
    but your prayers would keep them safe even then n there
    And that the birds who favour your leaves' safe abode
    Will make nests there n be there to stay..
    Trust the God's ways..