• universilje 23w

    I know you

    I know I do.
    You're electric voice curses through me a million miles an hour.
    I am frozen in time, unable to fathom what to utter, as a king is before me.
    I too forget myself, for I am only fairly queen by now.
    And you and I are a whole long lost monarch, resurrected.
    There is an undeniable, heavy, deep hum in the air.
    You would hear a little humming bird slit through it in a second.
    Seconds pass, as I will them on whilst secretly wishing for time to stand still.
    I know.
    Do you?
    You are honey, on freshly baked bread out the warm oven .
    You are hard, direct action like a skier and I'm the slope, timid but full of equal force, Unquestionable quiet.
    Team work.
    I AM beyond quiet as My cheeks are crimson with deep admiration for a love not yet started but already long gone, timeless.
    I am yours.
    You are mine.