• bafunto 23w

    Dear Crush

    I swear on the blood that runs through my pen
    That I will never gush forth inks like the Nile
    Forming words that overflows as the Haiti flood
    Torrents that sweep giants off their feet
    For love is not a war that we stoop to conquer
    Nor stand to defeat

    I swear on all the feathers that make up my quill
    That I would never brew lines nor cook rhymes
    Neither point wands nor cast spells
    For the pit of love is not that which one jumps into when drunk to stupor from poetic liquors
    But that which one willing descends into

    So I swear on all speck of dust on Shakespeare’s tomb
    That I will lie in wait and never be deterred
    And if life finally ceases
    And the soul departs my body
    My fossils shall sing of my love for you
    Into the ears of all generations to come

    © L. ‘Bafunto