• anjanikrish 5w

    To me my country,

    It’s more than it’s government and it’s politics,
    It’s the world thats surrounded my everyday.

    It’s my family, my friends.

    It’s my neighbours, my watchmen.

    It’s the sanitary guys, the delivery guys.

    It’s the unexpected food, the baked goods.

    It’s the surprise visits, the crazy dishes.

    It’s the roof over my head, it’s the mattress on my bed.

    It’s everyone who keeps us safe from invasion or intoxication.

    It’s the choice of love over hate,
    To live in union despite the state.

    It’s the safeties risked for the luxuries we live.

    My country is every experience, every moment,
    Everything I call my own.

    So thank you everyone for your contribution,
    For making my country more than an illusion.