• shreyashidutta_ 23w


    She was broken,
    why do he cared!!
    He just used to pounce upon her like an animal,
    her shrieks remained unheard amidst the patriarchal society,
    she forgot to breath,
    every night she felt as a prey.
    She did not had the option to back to her parents,
    she knew the society will crush her beneath them,
    she knew he was doing wrong,
    yet,raising voice against him was a dare dream for her,
    she wanted to break his hands which touched her against her consent,
    she wanted to took out the eyes which saw her with lust,
    but her hands were having shackles,
    she used to feel impure when he looks at her with her disgustful eyes,
    she knew she is loosing her sanity,
    she was mentally and physically devastated.
    He was an animal in disguise,
    the word husband haven't given him the right to rape his own life,
    she hated his touch,
    she was having enough,
    marriage or hell,she thought.
    The marriage which broke the women in her,
    she even feared to saw her face on the mirror,
    she felt disgusted as a woman,
    That night she was bleeding,but his ears unheard her plead,
    that night she gathered the broken pieces of courage,
    and shouted NO,NO MEANS A NO.
    she knew she was pure,
    after all,our dignity is not in our vagina.