• readerinthemountains 10w


    They do not see, wolf
    That love and ire
    Are two flames of the same fire
    That when your packs stand as sentinel in unison
    The edges of forest bow
    with honour running down its rivers
    Your cleaving claws also caress
    Mighty skies blowing the trumpet of your vigor

    They do not see, girl
    That feminine and Lupine
    Are two sides of the same coin
    That when you run
    with your tresses flowing in the wind
    The scent of ancient Amazons runs amok in ecstasy
    Your footprints revered by warriors
    Tribes of constellations following your lead

    They do not see, love
    That when you race wind amidst the valleys
    That when you howl to the moon from a cliff
    The two parts of you are in unison
    That you're both the sky and the storm
    You're both the moon and the howl