• deepika0912 21w

    I found you everywhere at every place even
    In my fantasies
    Made calls, send voice notes
    But you ignored
    Make me feel I deserve it
    Like it was easy
    I cried when I couldn't find you
    I broke when I couldn't listen to your voice
    I was in pain when I couldn't feel you
    But when I finally found you
    I was really happy
    Because it was you whom I loved with my full heart
    I felt it's our day
    Our special day
    But couldn't believe even on myself
    Was num
    Was dumbfound
    Because you were actually laughing on me
    Making a mockery of me
    Cried again
    Broken again
    But this time not for you
    For myself
    Laughed in tears
    Looked in the mirror
    and promised to never look back for you
    Kissed me
    Loved me
    And happy to find me again
    But this time into
    A strong woman
    A Phenomenal woman
    A confident woman
    An invincible woman ��
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