• kashaf12 4w

    One day, may be when things will get better with me. When I would smile for real and laugh with my heart. When I will actually be the one who I really am. When everything will make sense. When my face and body won't matter. When fat on my body won't bother you as much as it does now. When you would wish to be on my side. When you would promise me to hold me tight every time I fall and that my silence, my tears, my insecurities matter to you, much more than ever. When you would wish to have me in your life and when you would tell me how no one else made you feel the way I did.

    That would be the day,I would tell you how fake your promises still were. And how shallow your heart always was. That would be the day I would tell you how many lessons you have taught me. And the best of all not to be affected by how sad, lonely or helpless the other person feels. Also, how to move away from the people in the weakest of their times by telling them no one wants to be around sad people.

    But you know what, I would never become that way,(though I wish to) but no matter what no success, money or achievements can justify the negligence towards empathy. I would never become as heartless as you. I would still have the courage to love, listen and care. For I have been through it and I know how it feels to be on the other side.

    And then I would be happy. And I won't want you any more.

    And I would thank God for blessing kids with parents . No matter how closed or far you are from your parents, just know they love you, no matter what. Don't give up ever. If you find it difficult to find a reason to live and a friend to talk to. Just think about your parents and talk to them. You will find both.