• gloomythoughts 22w


    These words, these heart
    pinching words you use.
    you crush a soul little by little,
    you've been told how it feels
    but you think it's okay.

    You never knew but these words
    could fix a heart too, but you
    my dear are too busy breaking one.

    One day, you'll regret what you
    said because those words are
    why she's dead, maybe not by
    appearance but those emotions
    that you killed will never come back.

    That hatred you built for people by
    her by being with a person like you
    is the reason for her happiness
    to never come back.

    Trust me my dear, those words
    will come back, not by her but
    someone much more worse.
    That one day, you might start wishing
    that words didn't mean so much, the
    day you'll wish they were just alphabets.

    But no, they're not. These words are gold
    and burning coal all at once, just
    beware because what goes around comes back
    and if only you could avoid it.

    Get what you deserve, but all
    you deserve would be those
    words that broke someone's
    heart, long ago.