• alexanderrichardson112 34w

    Straight Up

    I'm not even gonna lie that shit you're wearing has me hot
    I can't wait to get you alone, me and you, Mike Tyson and a punching bag as I rip off them clothes, I'ma tear into to you like a tiger and a buck's neck. Only difference is I won't bite unless you want me to....
    Mmm I know you sense the intensity in my desire
    I'ma do you hard.
    Your guard, let it down You know that's what you want, what you like.
    I'll let you be rough, I can take it, I'm tough!
    I'ma grab your head and let you suck
    Way you go at it I can tell you're thirsty
    Tryna suck the chocolate off my skin
    Shit this is one time I'll let you win...
    Just when I'm about to shower you with my lust
    You stop and tell me I'm not allowed to bust
    Not until I beat it up like Tyson...