• _tashi_ 33w

    Me and my dad are on our way to home.

    "Isn't it too late?" Amchung asks with worries and doubts, handing a cup of tea to my dad.
    "It's not." My dad answers avoiding eye-contact, as always. I still had my school dress on but instead of books inside my bags, there were clothes and plans for summer vacation.

    Dad gulps down the tea as fast as he could. "Are you ready?" He asks me, I nod my head in return.

    It's already 6:15 pm, and we were ready for the three hours journey to North Sikkim from the capital.
    The vehicle gets started, and I am on the front seat which was basically for the Principal of the school my dad was working for. It was the summer vacation and it didn't matter.

    We start our slow journey, Dad is extra careful in those curvy roads. It's dark, and he's got weak eyes and I was no better than him. We don't talk, the silence is filled with his only song in the music player. It's some old Nepali song about life, he sings along with it. The song doesn't end but is replayed all over again, I lose the count of it. "We used to sing this while we were staying at Batti." He says.
    My dad doesn't talk much, and it was same with me.
    I try sleeping but fails.
    He turns off the music and the only sound is that of the engine.
    Then, I started singing some Taylor Swift's songs. Surprisingly, he doesn't tell me to stop but nods along with my coarse voice. "Look, it's a fox!" He stops the vehicle, and tells me to peer outside. It's a small animal with look alike of dog, it's eyes shining in the dark. It looks at us, and disappears into the dark jungle.

    The three hours of journey is lengthened into four hours. We reach home, mom is waiting for us with dinner. My siblings are sleeping soundly, they would only know in the morning that I have arrived.
    I tell my tale of our fox sighting to my mom, she listens to it with her half attention and instead scolds me to chew my food properly.
    Dad is tired, and goes to sleep after having his dinner. I turn on the TV with low volume and watch my favourite anime shows, till my mom tells me to get back to sleep.