• _ameeshii_ 5w

    Dear Death,

    Everybody defines you as the end. End of this beautiful magic we are fortunate enough to experience, life. They say you are dark and sinister. But why so? Why can't you be an old friend of mine and take me along with you on yet another voyage, towards eternity? Why can't you be called the beginning of yet another journey which is beneath every sunset and beyond every sunrise? Would you be painful? I have always envisioned you to have a world of your own where we, those who have been parted, be together all over again. I know you would be sad, I mean who would like to be called a deed of the Devil. But don't worry, the moment I would sneak into your world holding thy hand, I would let my soul, imprisoned in this dust of earth, fettered in this worldly desires, wear the wings of freedom and fly high in the sky of Peace. So my dear friend, one day we will surely meet and set on the voyage of eternity.


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    A note to Death