• compulsivecreation 23w

    My Worst Nightmare

    I've been surrounded by all these lies
    Filling the void with all the answers I hide.
    No longer can I see inside
    A version of me that can't be compromised.
    As each day goes by
    A new battle begins
    For what I have become
    And what I have been
    I become so distracted
    By numbing the pain
    Sometimes I forget
    I even have a name
    Something to get by
    Instead of be a man
    With self worth
    And a moral stand
    Love has lost all its simplicity
    It's been complex
    Just needed history
    Now it's corrupt to a point of no repair
    Because all I do is stay stuck in despair.
    Forgive me father for being scared
    The burden ended up to much to bare
    I hope our God treats me fair
    For losing you was my worst nightmare.