• maireclaire 6w


    Don't let loneliness be the reason you pick up your phone to text him "Hey" #dontdoit

    Don't let loneliness be the reason you send him a random meme because you saw it and thought of him. #itsnoteventhatrelateable

    Don't let loneliness lead you to believe the guy who smiled at you while holding the door as you made your way out the grocery was flirting with you. #you'rejusthorny

    Don't let loneliness be the reason you decided to take up the offer of that weird delivery guy who flirts with everyone at work, that he's actually interested in you and wants to take you out. #he'sforeverybody

    Maybe you're not lonely...........................

    You're forced into thinking you need someone to live, to exist, to experience things or to feel.

    That you haven't realized that spending time with yourself empowers you, motivates you, uplifts you, having conversations with those voices in your head can be quite entertaining, so no you're not lonely...... You just need to live