• purple_raven 10w

    There has been an awakening,
    Have you felt it?
    The dark & the light,
    Each with it's own path & far-sighted vision.

    The dark, a tempestuous creature,
    With it's passionate & fearful features
    The dark side, a powerful servant
    Who brings with it companions four:
    Fear, anger, hatred & suffering forever more.
    Detested often these four are
    For their unrelenting & bloodful ways
    Order & Stability be my goals, the dark side says.
    Hateful & Vengeful the dark side may be
    But not blind & misguided
    Because in the end,
    It is hate that makes us stronger
    And fear ensures order
    These words suffice my doubts,
    And make me submit myself to the dark;
    To keep order & satisfy my bloodlust,
    To deal in absolutes.

    #starwars #fanfiction #darkside #theforce #awakening

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