• cherilnclarke 5w

    Pleasure Unbound

    Smudged makeup and disheveled hair
    Crooked eyelashes
    Shouldn’t have even worn them here
    Twisted bedsheets and pillows everywhere
    The morning after...
    Scratches on my back and sides
    A little bruising on my hamstrings and thighs
    It was a merry-go-round of slow entrancement
    Spun into fast, bed-rattling
    Passive and aggressive…lively and lazy
    A tug of war of lovemaking
    All night building up to an unearthly dismantling
    Of all concepts of time
    We swirled in the forever of  in pleasure unbound
    Now here we are at the dawn of a new day
    My legs wrapped around you like vines clinging to a tree trunk
    Your body is my fiefdom
    Wherever we lay is my queendom
    And I want to love you like the ocean
    Constant, engrossing, and strong
    Calm on the surface
    Dark and tense below
    Washing over you and pulling you under
    Pulling you under...