• robwjeter 5w

    Darkness descends upon the earth on an All Hallows Eve. Monsters redound with demons as their caustic nature envelopes the streets. La Llorona screams a deafening scowl of a high pitched announcement of anger and misery. Desperately seeking another child to drown.

    The dead will rise for a temporary stroll. Preparing to have themselves shown as they dance with the light of a slightly faded moon. The haunting is at its peak with a touch of a diabolical nostalgia. The fear of this night to be a reminder of frightening futures to come.

    The demons hiss and growl. Eagerly ready to possess. Be very aware that to harm is intentional. Violently shaking with the anticipation of taking over a soul. To kill and own are on its agenda.

    These, and many more, marionettes of madness come out of hiding on this dreadful night of the blackened chaos. A twisted celebration of all that's evil. Where the dead and the living form into one as the night takes full control.

    * I'm still on my Halloween kick! Hope that you enjoyed! ����


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    Of All That's Evil