• wildradish 46w


    what if conscience ran out
    like quicksilver over the collective mental landscape
    pooling in depressed areas
    a concentrated burden of matter
    on those already weighed down

    imagine an enormous sane sheet gossamer silk stretched taut like space time
    curved round each of us
    each individual ponderous mass
    fabric strained under the weight of a formless worry
    under pretend power taken on as talisman
    pulling any passing detrius into orbit
    into relentless, crushing responsibility

    under this force all is concentrated into the hard and impermeable
    heavy for it's weight, small
    dense enough to rend a gentle cradle such as ours
    our fragile reality ripped ragged
    black holes where all care falls out
    conscience drains from this world
    taking care with it
    and we are left with the careless