• efflinejosephine 9w


    I imagine....
    "What if, accidently we met again?"
    Remembering the separation you gave me,
    The pain you put me into,
    The tears I shed for you,
    The nights I stared into chats with a hope that you will text me,
    The days lived desperately for your comeback,
    I wouldn't run my eyes through you if you happen to be before my sight after these years...
    I would walk away without a gaze unto you....

    I verily know I can't do anything of the above,
    My eyes lie in wait to capture your sight and store you unto me, as much as I can;
    My breath longs to dwell in you, to travel all the hidden darkest places of yours;
    My soul lie in wait to merge with you, to find a solace in you
    My body in agony to feel your embrace;
    Then with all of these desires dwelling in me desperately,
    How can I ignore the one I have ever loved......
    My eyes, body and whole of me will surely define my longing desires for you....
    And whole of me again in a hope of being yours again.

    I hope I don't see you again because,
    My love has remained the same from the time I saw you,
    But as of with you, You have easily moved on.....