• __aknownunknown__ 22w

    You blindly fall for people and think about them endlessly, wondering that you're in love and talk about crossing seas to do anything for them, but then, you feel terrible when they make you feel low, and then you wonder what else can be done to make them feel like you're the best for them, because you know you are.

    You're so persistent that you still keep in touch with them, and whenever they knock your doors, you let them in and do everything and anything for them, but then, when they still fail to listen, you fall on your knees yet again. You forget yourself and surrender yourself to that someone, and when that someone finally leaves, you curse yourself for not being good enough.

    But, tell me, does someone who thought through all of this, and gave that someone so much priority and mind-space and endlessly cared about him, is actually not good enough?
    Weren't you already more than enough for that someone?

    You were. Indeed. You failed to actually realize this. You undoubtedly knew you were the best for that someone, yet, you were so foolish that when that someone left, you thought that it's all your fault. If you ever even thought where you got all that mindspace and that persistence to hold on, even after going through so much hurt everyday, you would know that it's all within you and you would stop cursing yourself for everything. You would stop thinking so highly about that someone and you would put yourself in the perspective and stop caring about that someone anymore.

    And, trust me, even if that someone comes back, or even if that someone doesn't, you won't give a flying fuck, and would continue on your own path of selfishness. Because, you aren't a loser unlike all males who disguise themselves as men, but have never even known how either of the words, genuine or loyal, are even spelt.

    You're a winner, unlike no other, and whatever you put your mind into, you would give it your all till the very end. You would stand firm, even though you would be all alone, but you'd be willing to take even death head on, and still come out as alive. And while many would pity you, or laugh at you, thinking you've got nothing on your hands, you would keep moving on what you've set your mind into, and nothing could possibly stop you. Not even wars. Not even bloodshed. Not even love. Nothing would stop you. You would be fearlessly unstoppable, just know that, it's all within you.
    Nothing's outside.

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    You have it within you.

    You're fearlessly unstoppable, just know that, it's all within you.
    Nothing's outside.