• mariske 5w

    To Nuah, My son

    Right from the very start
    You were a surprise,
    God knew what we needed
    Our family wasn't yet complete

    You were in such a hurry to enter this world
    Way to early, you still needed time
    Never have we cried so much
    Never have we prayed so hard.

    You entered this world so very tiny
    But yet so determent
    You fought so hard and gave it your all.
    Every breath a victory
    Every gram a raised hallelujah
    You defied all odds

    You showed us the power of prayer
    And the power of faith
    You strenghtend our believe in a Miracle Working God.

    Thank you for being my strong little one
    Thank you for closing our circle
    May you never lose your fighting spirit
    Your contagious laugh and sense of right or wrong.

    We love you more than life itself.
    Happy 4th Birthday my angel.