• debapriya_ss 35w

    To the broken hearts of those millions of women trying their best to make a change sitting behind the screens... I have a word of advice, support and courage for you all.
    Dear ladies,
    I don't know what is up next and what changes positive or negative is going to amend our way of public or personal life, but I know one thing that tomorrow morning when once again we all will be setting out of our homes, the sole thing that is going to be with us is our inner strength and courage to push down the odds and rise against all the cliche of patriarchy and its products. Sorry to say no one or nothing else will standby you in those crowded buses, roads or any other places. It is you and only you who has to be alert, active and wise to protect yourself.
    Be strong, be careful, be a warrior because I or rather we cannot really foretell when will this end. Fight!