• the_chomu 9w


    I adore the feel of the butt when I caress it with the palm and then I glide them down to your erotic inner thighs all the way through your legs to the bottom of your feet. I love how your skin tone matches your lips and make your hot eyes look brighter when you look me directly in the eyes telling me that you know I’m having you, I’m owning every single piece of your body, and we are attached to each other as one..
    Then I write poems inside of you with my fingers. Our story began with her scream. And ended with your soul on my lips.
    I made love to you beautiful lady and we collapsed with passion across the sheets.
    I caressed your curves in every individual letter. I kissed passionately up and down your thighs in short sentences and prose. I tasted all your innocence, without a spoken word. I bit your lip and caressed your hair gently, in between the lines. I made you arch your back and scream, it only took my fingers on the screen.” —