• bennieg 10w

    Mrs Garos Pwajok Dung

    All hail the queen from the city of Jos, a beautiful mother and a loving wife to an amazing handsome looking husband, a model and a visionary leader with awesome and exceptional qualities. It isn't her birthday but she deserves to be appreciated and celebrated because she's got that lion's heart, brave, bold and industrious.

    Madam Garos is a true leader which she has showned her leadership skills in any area she has found herself, her ability and capability to work excellently with people from various spheres of life is worth applauding for.
    She can be firm and strict, she hate sluggishness and laziness. Hence, she loves hardworking people and also been given maximum respect and due referencing
    but she's actually a sweet person to work with.
    she's liberal, friendly and wicked (lol) if only you understand her kind of person.

    Happy birthday mama, may God bless your new age and grant you all your heart desires
    It's of great ecstasy I'm writing you this ma'am,
    life is sweet when you relate with people with much respect and of great importance regardless their levels or class.
    You have good qualities, which I've emulated from you and we've had our differences as well which you know I've always gat your back. Keep been you and God will forever sustain you and your family
    Hip!Hip!!Hip!!! Hurray