• thefoodiepoet 5w

    Tears that fell, but never intended.
    My heart was covered, but never mended.
    A cursed soul, am I not?
    Always missing the best shot.
    Is my body fading,
    Or is it my withered soul speaking?
    Tonight, the lines are beyond what I sing.
    I can't smile like summer or spring,
    There's too much to bear, oh this thing.
    If it's too much to ask from me,
    Then why did I have to work hard for thee?
    My mind is troubled with so much thoughts,
    I find myself in forgotten spots.
    My life is nothing, but an hourglass.
    It runs, it will always pass.
    If you could lend your heart for a day,
    Or if you could be good to stay,
    I might just bloom one last time,
    Make me believe happiness is not a crime.