• quincymontell 10w

    Jesus Walks On Water

    Treading upon my flaws and imperfections, wading in the water of many sorrows, I believe I've hit the deep end while flooded in the sorrows of many men, the waters are rising fast, I'm kicking and screaming yet no one seems to hear me, here I am suffocating in a sea of tears, as I drown I scream opression!!..bubbles rising to the surface. The further I sink the greater the pressure becomes. Everyone kicking and screaming claiming to know how to swim. My feet touch the bottom of the sea.. the light becomes dim. Holding on to ankles to keeping own views afloat. The oppressed becoming the oppressor. Praying for my life guard to save me. The anger is an anchor weighing me down. Father God dont let me drown. Jesus walks on water.
    -Quincy Montell