• zarshaq 2w

    Al-Hadi - The Guide of the Right Path

    If you were travelling to a place you were completely unfamiliar with and you had a guide with you who knew every road of your journey, every nook and corner. Would you feel lost even when you have no idea where you are at that moment?
    As long as you have trust in your guide, it wouldn’t bother you if you didn’t know where you were. Why? Because your guide knows and he is by your side and you trust him.
    We all have that guide in our lives. ALLAH guides us all. He is Al- Hadi, the One who shows the right path and always kindly guides in the right direction. Even when you are so lost in darkness and confused about what to do next, even in times of ease and happiness He guides. Just remember, He guides you, with or without your knowledge, and He will never forget you!